Seamless Design for all Media, Venues & Devices

BIANCHI crosses media seamlessly. Print services include paper sourcing and offset supervision. Web and other online services include domain acquisition, organic SEO strategies and content management. Whatever the job requires, BIANCHI can do it, efficiently, by advocating only those deliverables that will have great returns on your investment.

The design process is seamless and holistic. Designs are meant to adapt to pixels, paper, social media venues, desktop & mobile devices from the get go — a design and message needs the strength to wear many hats.


Responsive Design : Mobile First

2013 is the year of the responsive website, e-mail, application — everything. A portion of your traffic is moving to mobile everyday. New mobile devices come to market in many sizes, capabilities and resolutions. The first “mobile first” websites are in development at BIANCHI, right now.

BIANCHI's recommendation for a brand to deploy nicely into an ever-splintering mobile device / gadget world include state-of-the-art 'mobile first' code standards like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Graceful degrades down to ancient browsers on request.

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