Corporate Identity Systems Supporting Articulated Brands

Corporate identity is the art of positioning and articulating a brand. The identity expresses itself in the logo, design, editorial voice and collateral. It is the expression of the brand values — what it stands for — its personality.

Color, type, line, phrases, brochures, websites — every component works together as a system. In larger, more complex companies, a 'standards manual’ or 'style guide' can help keep all the vendors who produce that identity on the same page. Nothing alarms a potential customer more than an unorganized brand. As consumer behavior becomes more tribal and more brand equity is cultivated in a broader variety of venues, such as Social Media venues, the communication and solidity of a brand becomes more critical.

At the core of a solid brand system is a logo or a logotype designed with the brand DNA. BIANCHI makes connections to all your audiences, in every medium and venue, with strong brand identity.

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