Brand & Design, & RFP Consulting

Weather your organization is kicking off a new initiative, reviewing the efficacy of current campaigns, or just trying to compose an RFP, a consultation can alleviate the anxiety often caused by these endeavors.


A Scalpel, not an Ax

Taking stock of your brand assets, campaigns, print materials, and online properties, BIANCHI:

  • Reorganizes the pieces, focusing and directing them to the right audiences
  • Retitles everything for accessibility and SEO
  • Reassigns pieces to another medium for more impact
  • Recognizes where the equity is and where things have dropped-off

This is a careful and thoughtful process — effective — efficient


Make it all happen with a great RFP

A well-written RFP, attracts the best vendors and the best results. BIANCHI identifies your needs and defines the project objectives. Lists of deliverables, and specifications are made and the best teams to reach out to are located.

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