Brand Standards Manuals / Style Guides, & Audits

A brand style guide keeps your brand on track. The style guide is the standard for all communications in all media. It spells out the editorial voice, typefaces, colors, imagery and how all these elements are used in one cohesive system. The guide instructs your vendors, coordinates your teams and ensures that your audiences get the right message, the right way.

We develop style guides to blueprint BIANCHI-made or other brands. Our guides are clear and comprehensive, never pithy or too restrictive. We deliver print and electronic versions written in plain language to be useful to all your stakeholders.

A brand audit is for the client whose brand is off the rails. Perhaps you have restructured, or you've deployed a style guide no one seems to use. We identify the problem areas and offer solutions in a discreet, thorough and comprehensive way.

After reviewing your online and print materials, sites and campaigns we make recommendations to bring it all together. Sometimes your hard work isn't produced consistently, sometimes the style guide has fallen short or is too narrow. Sometimes the brand has evolved and your divisions haven't agreed on how to represent that important change. Whatever the problem, we'll get to the bottom of it.

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