Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Marketing (SEM) & Social Media

Search Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Strategy (SMS), go hand-in-hand. Don't let the good work you've already produced stagnate in one venue. A communications strategy that considers these two ideas together optimizes and amplifies your efforts.

Not all Social media venues are right for every brand — not all clicks are worth the cost. Let BIANCHI examine how these channels work for you and identify how you'll create content, or re-deploy content for the right channels.

Search Engine Optimization (Organic), or SEO, is a method for designing and building your website, developing your content and strategically positioning your online properties to gain the right traffic. Creating websites that are favored by search engines is not only key to getting traffic, but also critical to brand positioning and tantamount to marketing strategy.

No brand can live without these.


Produce, Repurpose, Repeat

Your brand needs to be relevant, have something engaging to say and say it often. Some organizations find this challenging, BIANCHI helps you find a way. Your expertise is leveraged, your old content is re-tooled and re-deployed, your new content gets a strategy, and every venue is opened up for broadcast and dialogue.


The Right Traffic

Through experience and research, BIANCHI offers a unique approach to SEO that is further advanced by the synergy of your SEM, Brand and Social Media strategies. Traffic is not enough, and getting traffic is not a cheap trick. Rather, the right traffic is the end game.


Analyze, Tweak, Repeat

BIANCHI clients have their site traffic analyzed to measure the success of our SEO methods and refine our customized strategies as traffic changes. Great SEO is a sophisticated process, and great search marketing strategy, evolving into Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Social Media Strategy — it evolves with the times.

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