Effective By Design

Beauty is an effective design, drawn from an SEO-informed Brand strategy coupled with the voice and visual that the audiences need to feel in order to believe and trust. We seek, analyze and audit what’s working for you and for your competitors to find your best, unique advantage. At BAINCHI, we get on your team, and we like to win.

Different & Multi-Disciplinary

We see things differently and bring many disciplines to inform any one process. Whether you are making a Brand, a logo, a brochure, an ad, a video, or a web site, the disciplines informing the result are always set to ‘all of the above’. At BIANCHI, we are more effective and efficient because we see the implications of everything and design a total win.

Direct & Simple

Each project phase builds upon the last, for an effective deliverable. Our mantras are transparent:

  • Define the project goals well.
  • Design everything for the project goals.
  • Depict the brand as a simple, unified whole.
  • Position the brand so that it stands out.
  • Understand the brand's role in all venues and the brand's message to all audiences.
  • Design for the audience’s point-of-view.
  • Produce print pieces with a high level of press quality.
  • Produce interactive pieces that utilize the best technology for the project goals.
  • Don’t recommend anything the client doesn’t need.
  • Make each design beautiful and unique to the client.
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