Beauty is an effective design, drawn from an SEO-informed Brand strategy coupled with the voice and visual that the audiences need to feel in order to believe and trust. We seek, analyze and audit what’s working for you and for your competitors to find your best, unique advantage. At BAINCHI, we get on your team, and we like to win.


We see things differently and bring many disciplines to inform any one process. Whether you are making a Brand, a logo, a brochure, an ad, a video, or a web site, the disciplines informing the result are always set to ‘all of the above’. At BIANCHI, we are more effective and efficient because we see the implications of everything and design a total win.


We work with B2B organizations and Not-For-Profits of any size. The attraction is in the depth they cultivate. Beauty is how smart and well positioned a Brand is, and a Brand competes with others in the segment, Search Engine influence and human need. At BIANCHI, we dig deep into what makes you smart and build from there.


A great Brand converts and retains an audience, but it also inspires your team. Brand makes all the design, images, videos, ads and copy more effective because all your strengths become focused and directed. At BIANCHI, we build Brand Platforms that convert audiences, motivate teams and inspire everyone.


BIANCHI has been an independent consultancy and virtual agency for over 15 years. We’ve helped dozens of new and established Brands navigate a rapidly changing world.

Christa Bianchi is the owner and Creative Director of BIANCHI Design. She has 20+ years of professional experience, from strategy to design, Search Engines to Pantone Systems, startups to corporations. She’s hands-on from beginning to end but also scales the team as-needed, by drawing on her network of U.S.-based professionals.

Christa loves leveling the playing field for her clients. She also loves Brooklyn, sushi, space science, her Pit-Shepard and her husband of more than 20 years.