Twitter vs Instagram


The Why

After leaving the agency and graphic designs studio world to strike out on my own, I found many rewards in having direct input into every aspect and direct contact with my clients’. There were only two draw backs to being independent really: 1. Quarterly taxes, 2. Daily interaction with fellow creatives.

Where Does A Good Idea Come From?

I am one who believes (as David Ogilvy once said – very paraphrased), that a good idea can come from anywhere and anyone, not just the lead creatives, or creatives at all. Enter #Twitter into my life. A place where I find lots of ideas, news, opinion, insanity (the good kind) and of course, dog pictures.


It’s in #Twitter that I can bounce my ideas off loads of people around the world and see their reaction (in my stats mostly, not necessarily written reaction). This helps me keep a level head, I think. It also makes every day interesting.

Why I Am Following You.

So if you’re wondering why I followed you – I took a gamble for any number of reasons that we might have some interests in common based on what you post, what your profile says or whom you follow. In some cases, I followed you because we have nothing in common and that’s why I am curious about you.

What I Am Not Doing Very Well.

Where I have failed is that I don’t spend enough time on #Twitter to see more of what you have to say. I’d say there are days when my #Twitter visit is more like a drive-by than a contemplation. But I am trying. I don’t see social media as a pointless distraction – I see it as a very very broad sample of perspectives.

Why Not Instagram?

I am also often asked why not #Instagram? Which I ask myself, too. I am a visual person, I should be spending more time there. I guess #Instagram and I have not ‘bonded’ yet : )

Which Channel Do You Prefer And Why?


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