Christa Bianchi has 20+ years of hands-on, professional experience. From offset-press production to programming, strategy to design, startups to corporations, Christa sees every project from all angles at once. BIANCHI brings the refinement of print work to the dynamics of online, and vice versa. For instance, the discipline of branding strategy applies to social media venues and mobile devices alike. The type refinement translates from print to web and back. The cross–pollination of conventional and contemporary brand and design processes are greater than the sum of their parts.


BIANCHI approaches every challenge in a way that suits the client's brand and goals. The process is always logical and strategic. Each project phase builds upon the previous work, and clients always know where they are, and where they are headed. Strategies for Branding, SEO, Social Media and design play a vital role in your company’s success.


Each project phase builds upon the last, for an effective deliverable.


  • Define the project goals well.
  • Design everything for the project goals.
  • Depict the brand as a simple, unified whole.
  • Position the brand so that it stands out.
  • Understand the brand's role in all venues and the brand's message to all audiences.
  • Design for the audience’s point-of-view.
  • Produce print pieces with a high level of press quality.
  • Produce interactive pieces that utilize the best technology for the project goals.
  • Don’t recommend anything the client doesn’t need.
  • Make each design beautiful and unique to the client.
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