Brand Identity, Content strategy, Custom WordPress Website and Blog for Pentacle
Direct Mailer for BIO
Poster for Muslim Voices Arts and Ideas NYC
Infographics for Summit Financial Resources
Custom WordPress and Flash Website and Blog for the Authenticity Project
Website Design for BIO's Drupal Website
Hybrid Custom CMS and Custom WordPress Website and Blog for Summit Financial Resources
Invitation Design for BIO
Website Design for Dow Chemical
Website Design for Give Way To Freedom
Website Build for Columbia Management
Brochure and Booklet with a fold-out map for BIO
Book Cover Designs for Scholars At Risk NYU
SesameWorkshop print collateral and standards manual
Mobile App Design
Poster for Tunsia Conference on The University and The State
Poster for a Conference at the Salzburg Seminar
Poster for Tunsia Last Hope of the Arab Spring
Custom WordPress Theme for Joslyn Levy
Custom Content Management System for TresRios Resort
Poster for Occupy: We are The 99 Percent